Entrepreneur - Internet Marketer - Real Estate Investor - Speaker and Top Wealth Coach
Network with JT Foxx

Grow your brand to grow your business

JT Foxx knows about growing a brand and a business. Since he grew his business from start up to over 8 figures, he can teach others to do the same. Whether its branding, marketing, or strategic thinking, JT Foxx proved …

I have learned what it means to focus

JT Foxx is a dynamic speaker with an awesome combination of knowledge and experience. I have learned to focus!! John Knight Petaluma CA LA Mini Mega Partnering event

Causing me to take action Now

This is a ridiculously fantastic event. I have learned some of these strategies before but now Im going to take massive action. JT is definitely beyond a Marketing guru. He is definitely a “D” personally because he is direct and …

Information you can apply Right Away

This was a great event on information Marketing. Resources provided are a great start to my implementation process. We will take information gained and start our sales funnel process before we actually launch the website. The branding segment provided great …

Network = Net Worth

JT Foxx opened my mind to the importances of our matter of association with others. Network equals net worth. He also convinced me the value of having great mentoring and how that applies to Real Estate. Rae Salvinger Houston TX …

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I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to JT over the past weekend and in all honesty, I have been amazed at how professional he is in both knowledge and appearence.

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Wanting to start my own business, I was stumbling around with my aspirations and blocked potentials. JT has shown me how your business and life obstacles are truley your gifts; when you chose to see their uniqueness as opportunites to grow.

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I have been coached by JT for the past year. My background was in coaching football. I had a good skill set for many aspects dealing with Real Estate. I had many fears with not making it as we say.

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JT is one of the best mentors in the world that you can ever find. He makes you laugh, cry, happy, sad… But most importantly, he helps you find the true you.

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I just wanted to send a quick thank you note. I’m 7 months into my JT Foxx coaching program with you and your team. At the beginning of the year, I had several ideas, but no clear plan to execute.