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JT Foxx reviews how to level upJT Foxx is a successful speaker, wealth- and business coach, and investor. But when he was a kid, JT had a speech impediment and was being made fun of because of it.

This is gonna be a huge encouragement for people who have speech impediments and struggle with their communication. And yet, here you are, one of the best communicators that I’ve listened to online. What happened between then and now?

JT Foxx
I think confidence. We’re told we’re not good enough, and in all seriousness, a lot of people like to lead with their sad story, with whatever happened to them in the past and they still talk about it. But I don’t like to volunteer that type of information because everyone listening here has had sad stories, had an issue, a problem, a family thing, and a lot of people are defined by their sad stories. And I don’t want to be a victim, I want to be a victor. And I think when you lead with your sad story, it’s not like people go oh my god that’s such a horrible story do you want to do business with me or do you want a partner with me, or do you want me to invest in you? It’s all like oh I’m so sorry, it’s so inspiring, but then they don’t buy.

Stories sell, but people sometimes think their story matters. And yes, I was picked on as a kid, and bullied, I was a bit of a loser. But my point is, there are many people out there who have it worse than me. Imagine being a kid and having cancer, or no arms, no legs, being blind, being born in Africa. At the end of the day, we like to complain by nature, but some people have it a thousand times worse than I ever had, so I’m very thankful. And I rather use my childhood as fuel to drive me, because I’ve always wanted to be somebody you know.

I was filming a movie with an A-list celebrity, just two days ago. I would not have imagined being in a movie with an A-list celebrity, but after everything I accomplished, it’s just another part of my story. And now that I did, more offers are coming in.

You are known as the number one wealth and business coach, you have lots of celebrity friends and clients you hang around with, some of the most well successful people. What are the most common traits that you recognize in all of these people?

JT Foxx
How did they become rich? I have no idea how they became rich. The biggest celebrities are very sheltered. I’ve done events with Pacino Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Wahlberg, Michael Douglas, and you have this image of what they think in their head because we’re a society that idolizes the celebrities then. But when you meet them in person, they are often not what you may think they are. For example, I met Simon Cowell backstage at America’s Got Talent. He’s so nice and so docile, and then when you see him on stage, he looks like an asshole, but he’s actually really cool. And then you meet someone like Charlie Sheen, just the nicest guy ever, but you’d have this persona that he is known for. So I think a lot of people have different personalities for different things and they know how to turn on a switch. And I think it’s sometimes important to have multiple personalities. Like on stage, I’m funny and entertaining and extraverted, in business, I’m very tough, but in person, I like to be alone a lot of times, I’m more introverted. We all have different shells.

But at the end of the day, I serve at the pleasure of my clients and if your clients are happy then they’re going to take care of your bank account and your success rate. You know, I went straight from filming in Puerto Rico, to a three-day event where I was on the road with clients taking a look at all the investments were doing. And they were loving it, and I saw the happiness on their faces when they realized that they can do this too. Being around each other, you realize, there is nothing special about one another. But it’s about whether you take action or not. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

You have a big network of friends and associates. How do you keep that network alive and what tips do you have for someone starting out wanting to connect with great people?

JT Foxx
Ok, so let’s take you for example. Had you messaged us directly for an interview, we probably would have said no, to be honest with you. The only reason you got through the gate is that you knew Steve Mandel, who ironically knew me when I was completely broke. I pitched him and he turned me down. Then I went out to build a whole empire and now we do business together 10 years later.

And because you had Steve on, my people just said well it must be steep right. So because you have one name, you build from there and invite other people. You level up. Just like I went from Bruce Buffer to Michael Buffer. So you start small and you level up. I didn’t go for Pacino Stallone right away, I had to go through all these series of people before I got Pacino Stallone at the same event

How did you become the world’s number one wealth and business coach? Can you share a little about how this came about?

JT Foxx
I made over 10 million dollars in real estate by the time I was 28 and then someone told me that I should teach. Teaching never occurred to me, to be honest with you. Because I had a radio show, I found it very entertaining to entertain people, and then that turned into businesses like teaching business, teaching real estate, teaching everything. And then I started doing America, Canada, and other countries. One of the worst events I ever did was in the UK with Richard Branson. I paid a hundred grand to speak with Richard Branson but there were only 500 people at the event. It was a disaster of an event, I lost so much money. But after that, I met one person nine months later who invited me to speak with Richard Branson in South Africa. And there I became famous because of the crowds, all the media outlets, and that led to me going all over the world. I’ve now been to 54 countries and have clients all over the world. South Africa was probably the biggest turning point in my career.

Before the pandemic, I was on the road 300 days a year. Now, I just got back from testing a tour in the red states in America, and to be honest with you, I don’t have it as I had it before. I’m on my game, I would say that I’m better now than I was before the pandemic. But the idea of just coming down for a meeting, go to the airport, go on a flight, wear a mask… I think we all realize the power of what we can do virtually. We complain about working virtually until we have to go back and go through all these efforts for a simple meeting. I think that business will be changed forever because of this pandemic.

JT Foxx reviews Time Management Secrets

JT Foxx Reviews His Secrets of

We all have the same 24 hours, so how is it that successful people do more and accomplish more? JT Foxx reviews his secrets to effective time management.

Well, I’m here to clarify this. Number one, there are two types of activities you have: transactional and transformational. Transactional is things that are how – how do I do this, how do I do that. Transformational is what.

JT Foxx reviews Time Management SecretsAbout five years ago, I used to go pick up my dry-cleaning 15 minutes one way, 15 minutes back. That’s 30 minutes a week times 4, that’s 2 hours a month, times 12, that’s 24 hours a year. So one whole day of my life per year was spent getting my dry cleaning. Well, that’s insane if you think about it. That’s one day, but clearly, it’s not one day. If you break it up into eight hours, it would be three days, so three days of my life was spent picking up my dry cleaning and that’s when it hit me: I can have it all if I plan it all. So the first thing that I did was, I created a stop-doing list. So I made a list of all the things that I should not be doing and I don’t like doing. And I realized that everything I was doing was $15 an hour or less work. So I delegated out, whether it was by a virtual assistant or staff or somebody else or even the gig economy. I started focusing 100% of my time on the one percent that matters.

Too many of you are focused on to-do lists. Well, to-do lists are irrelevant, it’s about creating a stop-doing list. You need to create a to-be list. You must BE before you can DO. And so as an entrepreneur, you need to stop being reactive and start being proactive.

JT Foxx reviews the importance of creating a schedule.

So some of the things that I do before I go to bed is creating my schedule. So the minute I open my eyes, I know exactly with 100% certainty what am I going to do with my time. Rather than waking up and going in the shower and brushing my teeth, it’s all about waking up with a clear purpose. I know exactly what I’m gonna do. I don’t show up at the office and say what do we do now, or what do I need to do now. You need to be in control, you need to be proactive.

Break the routine.

You also need to break the routine that’s killing your inspiration. At the end of the day, 70% of your time as an entrepreneur should be spent building and monetizing relationships. It takes one person, one deal, and one opportunity to change your life and your business forever. So focus your time on doing that. 20% of your time should be coming up with marketing and branding ideas. Stop outsourcing the idea generation to your staff and other companies. How can you expect other people who have not made millions, who are not millionaires, to come up with million-dollar ideas? That is a very big mistake. And 10% of your time should be learning about your numbers. Too many entrepreneurs don’t know their numbers. But it’s important to know your numbers because you can build your business according to your net worth now.

Doing what’s most important first.

JT Foxx reviews that he always starts off doing the most important thing in a day which is whatever is gonna give him the most amount of value. Like right now, making a video is going to give me a tremendous amount of value. I knew as soon as woke up this morning at 3:30, I would need the lighting, I need everything else like that, because I need to get the videos out. Then, I’m gonna take a look at my numbers, then I’m going to mind feed, I’m gonna record my podcast and my daily audio, and I’m gonna come up with a marketing campaign. When your brain is at its freshest that’s when you got to come up with great ideas.

Doing things in the wrong order.

Now the order by which you do success is very important. So during the day, from 9:00 to 5:00, on Monday to Friday, is meant to call people. To build relationships. You should not be working on your websites, your marketing, or your brand name. That is for the early morning, that is for the evening, that is for the weekend. So the problem is that a lot of people do things in the wrong order.

Time management is not an art, it is a science. One of my biggest weaknesses nine years ago when I was broke and I had no money, was actually time management. It is now my greatest strength. Here is one of the best secrets I can tell you. The minute you turn your weakness into your strength, you’ll add one and two zero’s to your net worth. Now I have a five thousand dollar course on time management, it’s way more extensive. It’s how everything is planned, how everything is calculated, whether I’m travelling all over the world or coming up with ideas, having meetings, doing business work-life balance, you can literally have it all. It’s a $5,000 program and I’m gonna give it to you for $20. You heard it correct, $20. But not only that. I’m going to give you 29 other programs: my sale program, my property investing programs, my business growth programs, how to build a personal brand and a company brand, my passive income course, how money never sleeps, my crypto program, and other programs like how to overcome fear, my first 100 million was the easiest my first 100,000 was the hardest, and how to turn a customer into a client, how to get more clients, and more.

People say, JT why would I listen to your coaching session? Because a wise man learns from his mistakes, while a genius learns from other people’s mistakes. So I want you to have it all, it’s $20, and you can cancel anytime. During the coaching sessions, JT Foxx reviews what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s working for him, what he reads, things that impact the world, etc.

You can find my courses on Or if you prefer reading, you can purchase Business Lessons on Amazon. Not convinced? Read my student reviews here.

Most days are not good days. In fact, if you have, out of 365 days, 50 good days, you’re going to be a millionaire. But the first course you should listen to is about your biggest weakness because that is your bottleneck from earning the life you want and deserve. Go to and I have waived the $5,000 initiation fee which is what we use to have it at and you can have it all for $20. And if you want, for $97 a month, you can get coaching from me. So not only do you get the platform of all my courses which are over $150,000 worth of courses, and over 3,000 hours of content of every event I’ve ever done, but you can also get coached by me. Whether it’s a live session where you can ask me as many questions you want, or send in your questions.

It’s about creating differentiation with purpose. We’re gonna get you back more time, you can have it all if you plan it all, and you will know exactly step by step, day by day, my schedule, and how I do what I do. How I think. Hopefully, my reviews on time management gave you some good tips, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

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The 2 day were professional and well delivered. The most valuable lesson 2 learn as to turn my reports into graphs, as this will make results more visual, not only to me but to those 2 teach and mentor to. It is duplicateable. JT Foxx, as always is professional, inspirational and eager to help all, regardless of whether they are coaching students or no.

Pene McClure
Guateng, South Africa
C7 Event August 2013


This class delivered more than what was promised as always. Insightful, to the point, relevant in today’s market and showed by an expert in his field – What more can one ask for. Key learning for the weekend- the value of branding and what impact that has on your product or service – it can make or break everything else. JT Foxx is authentic and delivers what he promises for the greater good of his students and for the world as a whole – he wants you to succeed- so question is- can you afford not to learn from him?

Rudi Coetzee
Pretoria, South Africa
C7 Event August 2013



The C7 seminar is a truly transformational event. With a practical, clearly defined action plan, my business will benefit immediately through the setting up of systems to carry it into the future, with huge success. JT Foxx and his support tea are truly gifted visionaries, capable of extracting huge creative entrepreneurship from any attendee.

Christine Roos
Pretoria, South Africa
C7 Event August 2013


“Today and yesterday was my first time ever in such an Event that taught me how important coach and mentor are.  People you hang around with….what an influence they have in your life!”

“Highlight of this event, I get to meet JT Foxx in person and his team.  How brilliant he is.  He is smart and strait to the point.  I will put everything that I learned in this Event into action with my new business.  I will recommend it to anyone to attend his Event in the future and I love to attend his Event again!”


Leonie Tuitahi
Brisbane, Australia
C7 Event September 2013


“I loved this 2 day JT Foxx Event because of the relevant, new cutting edge information that was shared from the heart….I will implement and assimilate this knowledge into my business as soon as possible.”

“I recommend that every single businessman and women attend the JT Foxx Events and get this cutting edge information to keep their businesses growing….”

Glen Carpentar
Brisbane, Australia
C7 Event September 2013


“JT Foxx is an incredibly energetic, focused and engaging coach.  His generosity to share his in valuable wealth of knowledge… was very humbling. The C7 Event in Brisbane was so very professionally done.

“The wealth of expertise of the speakers and the guidance, ideas, strategies they shared was simply amazing!” “For our business and me personally, this experience is life changing. I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and implement immediate changes.”

“No I’ll start tonight!”

Sharon Fell
Brisbane, Australia
C7 Event September 2013


“These 2 days have been inspiring and at times uncomfortable as it makes you realize that you need to be made accountable.  My key take away is on taking speedy action and working towards being around successful people.”

“I highly recommend to all who want to be successful in life and business as this is the game changer to help make that difference to that someone who made the effort!”

Jeff Lai
Brisbane, Australia
C7 Event September 2013


“…Grateful to attend the event. I learned a lot of important things, like Time Management, Networking, Branding, Sales & Marketing.  I am very thankful to JT Foxx for providing tons of knowledge about business. It is worth 3 year college degree.  I believe most people should attend because it’s worth spending time with experienced people like JT Foxx!”

Mayra Patel
Brisbane, Australia
C7 Event September 2013