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JT Foxx reviews how to level upJT Foxx is a successful speaker, wealth- and business coach, and investor. But when he was a kid, JT had a speech impediment and was being made fun of because of it.

This is gonna be a huge encouragement for people who have speech impediments and struggle with their communication. And yet, here you are, one of the best communicators that I’ve listened to online. What happened between then and now?

JT Foxx
I think confidence. We’re told we’re not good enough, and in all seriousness, a lot of people like to lead with their sad story, with whatever happened to them in the past and they still talk about it. But I don’t like to volunteer that type of information because everyone listening here has had sad stories, had an issue, a problem, a family thing, and a lot of people are defined by their sad stories. And I don’t want to be a victim, I want to be a victor. And I think when you lead with your sad story, it’s not like people go oh my god that’s such a horrible story do you want to do business with me or do you want a partner with me, or do you want me to invest in you? It’s all like oh I’m so sorry, it’s so inspiring, but then they don’t buy.

Stories sell, but people sometimes think their story matters. And yes, I was picked on as a kid, and bullied, I was a bit of a loser. But my point is, there are many people out there who have it worse than me. Imagine being a kid and having cancer, or no arms, no legs, being blind, being born in Africa. At the end of the day, we like to complain by nature, but some people have it a thousand times worse than I ever had, so I’m very thankful. And I rather use my childhood as fuel to drive me, because I’ve always wanted to be somebody you know.

I was filming a movie with an A-list celebrity, just two days ago. I would not have imagined being in a movie with an A-list celebrity, but after everything I accomplished, it’s just another part of my story. And now that I did, more offers are coming in.

You are known as the number one wealth and business coach, you have lots of celebrity friends and clients you hang around with, some of the most well successful people. What are the most common traits that you recognize in all of these people?

JT Foxx
How did they become rich? I have no idea how they became rich. The biggest celebrities are very sheltered. I’ve done events with Pacino Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Wahlberg, Michael Douglas, and you have this image of what they think in their head because we’re a society that idolizes the celebrities then. But when you meet them in person, they are often not what you may think they are. For example, I met Simon Cowell backstage at America’s Got Talent. He’s so nice and so docile, and then when you see him on stage, he looks like an asshole, but he’s actually really cool. And then you meet someone like Charlie Sheen, just the nicest guy ever, but you’d have this persona that he is known for. So I think a lot of people have different personalities for different things and they know how to turn on a switch. And I think it’s sometimes important to have multiple personalities. Like on stage, I’m funny and entertaining and extraverted, in business, I’m very tough, but in person, I like to be alone a lot of times, I’m more introverted. We all have different shells.

But at the end of the day, I serve at the pleasure of my clients and if your clients are happy then they’re going to take care of your bank account and your success rate. You know, I went straight from filming in Puerto Rico, to a three-day event where I was on the road with clients taking a look at all the investments were doing. And they were loving it, and I saw the happiness on their faces when they realized that they can do this too. Being around each other, you realize, there is nothing special about one another. But it’s about whether you take action or not. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

You have a big network of friends and associates. How do you keep that network alive and what tips do you have for someone starting out wanting to connect with great people?

JT Foxx
Ok, so let’s take you for example. Had you messaged us directly for an interview, we probably would have said no, to be honest with you. The only reason you got through the gate is that you knew Steve Mandel, who ironically knew me when I was completely broke. I pitched him and he turned me down. Then I went out to build a whole empire and now we do business together 10 years later.

And because you had Steve on, my people just said well it must be steep right. So because you have one name, you build from there and invite other people. You level up. Just like I went from Bruce Buffer to Michael Buffer. So you start small and you level up. I didn’t go for Pacino Stallone right away, I had to go through all these series of people before I got Pacino Stallone at the same event

How did you become the world’s number one wealth and business coach? Can you share a little about how this came about?

JT Foxx
I made over 10 million dollars in real estate by the time I was 28 and then someone told me that I should teach. Teaching never occurred to me, to be honest with you. Because I had a radio show, I found it very entertaining to entertain people, and then that turned into businesses like teaching business, teaching real estate, teaching everything. And then I started doing America, Canada, and other countries. One of the worst events I ever did was in the UK with Richard Branson. I paid a hundred grand to speak with Richard Branson but there were only 500 people at the event. It was a disaster of an event, I lost so much money. But after that, I met one person nine months later who invited me to speak with Richard Branson in South Africa. And there I became famous because of the crowds, all the media outlets, and that led to me going all over the world. I’ve now been to 54 countries and have clients all over the world. South Africa was probably the biggest turning point in my career.

Before the pandemic, I was on the road 300 days a year. Now, I just got back from testing a tour in the red states in America, and to be honest with you, I don’t have it as I had it before. I’m on my game, I would say that I’m better now than I was before the pandemic. But the idea of just coming down for a meeting, go to the airport, go on a flight, wear a mask… I think we all realize the power of what we can do virtually. We complain about working virtually until we have to go back and go through all these efforts for a simple meeting. I think that business will be changed forever because of this pandemic.