Always love JT Foxx’s events. They are educational which inspire and motivate me not to give up but to build and grow. I always get something – actually a whole lot of things out from his workshops. His tips are practical, refreshing and simple and when he add teaspoons of his quick wit and humor to his wisdoms – result. Wow! He’s unpredictable in a good way; he speaks like a radical with passion in a good way. Can’t sleep in his event because you want to absorb more of what he gives, and give and give. He cares.  He is empowered when WE succeed! (Otherwise he will remember you so does everybody else – nah)

Pearl Loo
Toronto, Canada
Smart People Tour, March 2013


Great event – nice mixture of information and group participation and very, very nice of J.T. to give up a weekend to help us. It’s a lovely to meet and network with others, and to realize the possibilities when people work together to help each other. Its hard to evaluate such an event and its worth, but if we don’t get a lot out of it its our fault, not JT’s and his staff. Its going to be a matter of putting information and tips to work to, create some magic – and build on the relationships we’ve formed here. It just scratches the surface of what is possible, but I’ve a feeling some here are going to look back on this as the start of something special- Hope I’m one of them.

Kevin Cunningham
Ontario, Canada
Smart People Tour, March 2013


Great speakers with great content! I almost didn’t come because the call center never emailed a confirmation, I was just in a car accident and didn’t want the long drive and I got sick, and my deals were in chaos. But I came and I’m so glad I did! I filled up a whole notepad with great information, my sore thumbs and I have proof. You should definitely attend and experience this yourself! You won’t regret it!

Linda Wong
Duarte, California


I enjoyed the energy, the clearly stated ideas, the humor, and the flow of the information.  The ideas that I picked up on that stood out were reverse decision making getting rid of the un-wow’s, and creating an experience for your clients.  I think it is a worthwhile event for all business owners and entrepreneurs to attend.

Debra Roed
Vancouver Canada
Michael Irvin Tour May 2013


This event was excellent. The entire content was great and I especially enjoyed the concepts of being disruptive. As well as the Idea of stop selling and create an experience. There are a number of things that I am going to incorporate into my daily routine. Thanks very much.

John Duncan
Vancouver Canada
Michael Irvin Tour May 2013